Vocal Coaching Saved My Life

You never know how vocal exercises might help you!
My Labor Day weekend was highlighted by a freak hiking accident in the Angeles Crest National Forest! My pet German Shepherd chased a deer down a 600 foot cliff.  I could hear him crying out and my friend and I decided to go over after him.  We became trapped in a dry waterfall area.  Luckily, I was able to project my voice as I screamed for help. Some hikers heard me and when their efforts failed to reach me and my dogs, I shouted to call 911.A helicopter rescue took place while I locked my arms around the little dog as we were hoisted up into the helicopter.  Then Altadena Mountain Rescue  workers spent 5 hours rappelling down the cliff to retrieve my German Shepherd.  The video posted is almost the exact place where my rescue took place.

Thanks to my vocal exercises and special thanks to Altadena Mountain Rescue, fellow hikers who called 911, the Fire Department, and Dr. Walker for saving all of us!

Read more about the heroic rescue here, and
see almost an exact rescue taking place live here.

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