Lessons via Skype

Using the latest technology, students from all over the country are getting top quality coaching and never leaving their home or studio.  It’s simple to study with Shelley Speck online.

Two easy steps to get started:

1. Download SKYPE (FREE)

2. Click here to schedule your first lesson!


Sign up for lessons using SKYPE.

–Just one lesson per week will make all the difference in your career.

–Each lesson is accompanied with an instructional mp3 or CD.

Here is just one of what many ONLINE clients are saying about the lessons from Shelley Speck using SKYPE:

“Shelley Speck is exactly what I’ve always been looking for but have never known where to look to find.  I’m a self-taught musician and producer.  I write, arrange, perform, record, produce, and mix and master my own music. I’ve learned all these from trial and error and where I continually lack is my vocals.  I’ve just done the best that I can but have never figured out the technique to progress. Enter Shelley, one lesson and she has showed me the breathing techniques to get me out of my rut and to start progressing immediately.  I was blown away at the difference the first day. I’m going to continue training with Shelley.  Personality wise and professionally Shelley is amazing.  She took a personal interest from the get go and personalized the lesson to me and my music.  As she put it herself, she doesn’t give cookie-cutter lessons.  Shelley worked with me during set up of the webcam, spending at least an hour and a half helping me.  I’m so grateful for Shelley.”


Casey Walke, WA. USA

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